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View online or download Evinrude E-TEC 130 Original Instructions Manual. Integrated VFR equipment coupled with a Global Positioning System (GPS) are standard for day and night missions. Operation.

Systems and Procedures are based on the real Flight Manual so the helicopter can be started and shutdown by using the checklist. The Eurocopter EC130 is a single engine light utility helicopter developed from the earlier Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil, one of the primary changes from which was the adoption of a Fenestron anti-torque device in place of a conventional tail rotor. domestic shipping on all orders of 0. in flight engine power reduction except for engine failure trainings and other emergency manual de vol ec 130 procedure trainings Occupants Minimum flight crew:. EUROCOPTER EC130 FSX P3D The Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 turboshaft, 632 kW (847 shp) turbine engine with FADEC (Full Automatic Digital Engine Control) system with a third independent and automatic back-up channel, provides increased power. The existing model, which already had been of very high quality, has been manual de vol ec 130 refined in various aspects with lots of effort by mhab. 1 pilot (left seated) Maximum number of occupants:. The bucket of EC 130 has a capacity of 0,6m³ which is average for this type of machine.

EC 130 B4 SITUATION DES REVISIONS DU MANUEL DE VOL FLIGHT MANUAL REVISIONS STATUS CERTIFICATION EASA EASA CERTIFICATION Ce manuel doit contenir la révision normale (RN) et les révisions rapides (RR) référencées dans l&39;édition (EDIT) considérée. 5 version of EC130 B4 is the first update after FG 3. Range:2,300 nm (4,260 km) 3. EC-130Q USN BuNo 159348, c/n 4601.

KA51b moved to panel 1. Highly-specialized modifications have been made to the latest version of the EC-130J (Commando Solo III). Powerplant: 4 × Rolls-Royce AE 2100D3turboprop, 4,637 shp (3,458 kW)) each 7. The EC-130 was originally modified by using the mission electronic equipment from the EC-121S Coronet Solo. The EC 130’s size is 3. By using Nasal -scripting nearly all main systems have been simulated to a degree which wasn&39;t available at this time on FlightGear &39;s helicopters. Since 1992, this model has included Diesel particulate filter.

Crew:Pilot, CoPilot, combat systems officer, mission communications commander; loadmaster, five electronic communications systems operators (6+) 2. The EC-130J Commando Solo, a specially-modified four-engine Hercules transport, conducts information operations, military information support operations and civil affairs broadcasts in FM, TV and military communications bands. The EC 130 B4 offers also interior arrangements including fans, lighting and carpets Enlarged cargo holds.

. Volvo EC130C / Åkerman EC130C. The EC-130E Commando Solo entered service in 1978 as the EC-130E Coronet Solo with the Tactical Air Command (TAC).

ELT switch moved to panel 1. limitations, reference must be made to the approved flight manual and all appropriate documents. The flight dynamics modelis custom made and though a lot of values could only be estimated, it should give an good impression on how the real one flies. Re: EC 130 Flight Manual Post by ChellyHopter » Mon Aug 25, 00:03 Also looking to get my hands on an electronic copy of a 130 flight manual - Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From single- and twin-engine light and medium rotorcraft, to those in the eleven-ton-class, Airbus has the right product to handle any and all civil missions. The following is not allowed: 1. Fuel: Refer to Flight Manual 5. By using Nasal-scripting nearly all main systems have been simulated to a degree which wasn&39;t available at this time on FlightGear&39;s helicopters. Additionally to this ebook, on our website you may read guides and other art books online, or download them.

Title 4 contains: US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the EC-130G/Q, NAVAIR 01-75GAE-1 dated 1-10-75, with approx 904 pages. What does EC 130j mean? : This supplement must be attached to the DGAC approved Rotorctaft Flight Manual, Novem Integtated Flight Systems, Inc, air conditiorüng is installed accordance with Supplemental Type Ceitiïicate The contained herein supplements the basic Rotorcraft Flight Manual only m. It includes a primer pump, used only during engine start, fuel level and low-level. See full list on wiki. The EC-130J Commando Solo, a specially-modified four-engine Hercules transport, conducts Military Information Support Operations (MISO) and civil affairs broadcasts in FM radio, television and military communications bands. Fluid capacities:. MANUAL INTRODUCTION GENERAL INTRODUCTION FOREWORD Ident.

EC 135 Technical Data. In 1989, Commando Solo was instrumental in the success of coordinated psychological operations in Operation Just Cause, again broadcasting continuously throughout the initial phases of the operation to help end the Manuel Noriegaregime. See full list on military.

The FlightGear model of the EC130 B4 features the standard panel delivered ex works without any additional customer whishes. 66 nautical mile / gallon 1. - Easy to read PDF operation manual - Full Flight1 G500/600 and GTN750 integration**. In 1983 the Coronet Solo&39;s mission was transferred to the Military Airlift Command (MAC) and redesignated the EC-130E Volant Solo.

View from inside with passengers 3. The Compass Call system employs offensive counterinformation and electronic attack capabilities in support of U. Cruise Speed max.

By Norm, J in General Helicopter Operations. EC 130 B4 EC 130 T2. 130 knots 241 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): Travel range: 329 Nautical Miles 609 Kilometers Fuel Economy: 2. Aerobatics maneuvers 2.

Order today and get free U. menu/dialogs adjusted 1. LA SECTION "LIMITATIONS. The validity period is specified on each spin ballast-table.

Cruise speed:335 mph (540 km/h) 2. This in turn also provides excellent external visibility. Stretcher empty 5. Indeed “EC130 B4” is just a marketing name by Eurocopter, now known as Airbus Helicopters, the real name is still AS350 B4”. 2 release the following improvements were done. More recently, in 1994, Commando Solo was utilized to broadcast radio and television messages to the citizens and leaders of Haiti during Operation Uphold Democracy. 1 release the following improvements are done. portal (Technical Information Publication on Internet).

The EC-130E variants were replaced with new EC-130J Commando Solo III aircraft built by Lockheed Martin beginning in. 0 version and the first one made available in FGAddon - ec130at the new Sourceforge FGAddon SVN repository. H130 new air intake and passengers 2. Propellers: DowtyR391 6-blade composite propeller, 1 per engine Performance 1. Purchase price and associated cost to operate a Eurocopter EC-130-B4 will be dependent on the year manufactured, total time of the airframe for the Eurocopter EC-130-B4, avionics upgrades, maintenance schedule and overall condition of the paint and interior of the aircraft. With the formation of Air Force Special Operations Command, the mission was transferred to AFSOC and redesignated Commando Solo.

On static display by March 1997, same, July. Turn indicator removed 1. 7- 8 passengers Weight and. new/changed doors on right side 1. This manual must contain the normal revision (RN) and rush revisions (RR) listed under the. It is the quietest helicopter on the market: its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level. Evinrude E-TEC 130 Pdf User Manuals.

EC 135 Technical Data 135. H130 with one piece of luggage loaded 6. panel instruments modified 1. The outside model has been enriched to a degree which should justify a 5* rating and the overall status of the aircraft improves to "production". Customers require immediate access to operational and maintenance directives to keep their rotorcraft flying and to support flight safety.

Service ceiling:28,000 ft (8,500 m). The mainrotor is detailed and animated including blade-flex-bend. Still uncompleted and especially failures indicated on the panel keeps mostly without any follow-up. The EC130 T2 is a light single-engine helicopter including all the latest technology and a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate 1 pilot plus up to 7 passengers. 301 kilometres / litre Service Ceiling: 15,655 feet Rate of Climb: 1770 feet / minute 8. · Ec-130 B4 Flight Manual Sign in to follow this. US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the C-130T/KC-130T and KC-130T-30, NAVAIR 01-75GAH-1 datedrevised to 1-2-98, with approx 913 pages.

Oil: Refer to Flight Manual 6. Livery-over-mpincluding dynamic configurable external stores like skibox, deployable emergency floats, FLIR&39;s etc. It does not include Track adaption, Blade and manual de vol ec 130 Quick hitch mech. If you are searching for a ebook Ec130b4 flight manual in pdf form, in that case you come on to the correct site.

EC130 EC130 B4 in flight Role Light utility helicopter National origin Multinational Manufacturer Eurocopter Airbus Helicopters First flight. . Color Manuals - We are now offering manual copies in color. The exterior model is detailed and accurate and originally based on accurate drawings, using high-resolution textures and the latest Reflect-Bump-Spec-Shader. : IN. Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15) 2. · The average asking price for a Eurocopter EC-130-B4 is ,829,268. Type of Operation:Helicopter is approved to operate Day and Night VFR only.

HB-ZAZAir Zermatt (H130) 2. Operations were consolidated under a single-AFSOC gained unit, the 193d Special Operations Wing (193 SOW) manual de vol ec 130 of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. H130 (EC130 T2) variant added 1. · The EC-130J Commando Solo, a specially-modified four-engine Hercules transport, conducts Military Information Support Operations (MISO) and civil affairs broadcasts in FM radio, television and military communications bands.

MODEL: EC 130 SERIAL NO. Cart 0 Product Products (empty). In 1990 the EC-130 joined the newly formed Air Force Special Operations Command and has since been designated Commando Solo, with no change in mission. The EC130 also has the largest cabin vol of any single engine helicopter in its class. They keep the windshield and window surfaces clean and help. Developed from the AS350B3 Ecureuil light helicopter, the Eurocopter EC130 has a wider cabin with space for five passenger seats in the rear and a pilot and two passengers in front. Airbus / American Eurocopter EC130 T2.

If a manual is available in color, the option will display in the "Available Media" section on the item page. TACAMO IV, ops with VQ-4, July 1975-July 1988; modified to TC-130Q, ops with VR-22, VXE-6; to Tinker AFBwith VQ-3, VQ-4, "hack" aircraft as of December 1995. The modified aircraft retains the basic appearance of the original but is stocked with state-of-the-art technology that enables the United States Air Force (USAF) to jam or disrupt enemy. ASK 21 Flight Manual Rev.

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